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Aug 8, 2021
Hi, id like to make a complaint against Mr GolTaw for failing to understand PD rules of engagement leaving me at fault.
Situation: A PD raid was on and I had pulled a knife out. The Civilian was in the PD (yes a detective) and I had warned them to leave or kos. They proceed to exit the PD however I follow suit (as I was going to kill the other cop). This civilian however turns around and proceeds to absolutely demolish me with a shotgun. I make a ticket and goltaw takes it. its been proven that I did not initiate any form of combat or damage against the disguised Civilian. however, goltaw stated that It was my fault for running up against someone with a knife. I tried getting another opinion however they referred me to the forums.
here is the link.

This is the rule assume should have put me on the safe:

3) A lethal response to a threat is not permitted if: ‣ a) the suspect has means to bodily harm, but no proven intentions to do so.

I understand this maybe have been a valid reason for me to be killed however there was no valid assumptions for this (At the time i was just a guy with a knife in pd)--> 2) A warning before the lethal response to a threat may be justified if:
‣ b) the suspect is a lethal threat (open carrying) and it is reasonable to assume they intend to cause harm (e.g trespassing).
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