[Free] Fulton Market Businesses

Jeremy Coomeracci

Nightclub King of Orbital City
Jul 14, 2021
There are no photos. 10 files per post and i'm not wasting them with photos.

Attatched are my various Fulton Market dupes, help yourself! They're quite sexy and VERY RP friendly. Would love to see them being used! (My mafia base will not be attached. That's mine ya bastards!). Be aware that the Fulton Market dupe will have gang territory textscreens attached by default, so if you're using it for fun (not mafia), be sure to remove those.

Each build should be compatible with Fulton Market if you have donator (i.e. you can run the market + 1 base per person).

Bad Company (badcompany)
Fulton Market's local brothel. Sexy, sophisticated, straight outta the 20's. Bad company is the choice of any pimp and/or Nightclub Manager. In the building next to the elevator base.

Club 226 (Speakeasy)
Similar design to Bad Company, though varied for a more Speakeasy feel. Great little bar with secret moonshine distillery area out back if you're after higher quality goods. Just get yourself some speakers and stagelights on the roof and you're peachy!

Fulton Organics (fultonorganics)
Fulton Market's local weed dealer/pot plant vendor. Renowned for their organic produce (both legal & illegal). Great little solo base for Glorified Gardener to grow NPC weed + player vended weed.

Fulton Deli (fultondeli)
Designed for the hitman looking for something more personal. Take personal hits on individuals through this suave new deli!

Happy to answer any questions you have. Hope to see these bad boys being used!


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