FREE [FREE] Fleeca Bank and Apartment [GTAV]


Sep 28, 2021
Alright team. We're ready to move on this bank. the cash is kept in the back, it's gonna take some serious drills to get through the first 2 doors but after that it's a beat line to the deposits
We'll have one of our guys out front keeping the civvies in check. Wouldn't want anyone tripping the alarm, then we're all screwed. That's why we're gonna be going in with some serious firepower. Our front guy will also be our lookout for any cops that choose to not play nice
We made sure to scope the place out before this meeting. Front entrance basically has no resistance, I bet they don't even lock the front doors. Anyway there's plenty of room for the escape, just remember that helps the cops out too. So play your escape smart
Once you've made your getaway and the cops give up, we meet back up at the apartment to split the loot. It's a nice clean heist, you only have to worry if they hire security.

Enjoy a brand new and completely reusable bank and apartment room next time you log onto the server. The apartment almost uses up all the prop limit so I'm sorry I couldn't make the outside that pretty. At the end of the day this is all about the Bank


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