OFFICIAL Feedback Guidelines

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May 30, 2021

When responding to staff applications, ensure your feedback is constructive and follows the following guidelines. Neutral responses are not considered during the application period and must follow with a verdict of +1 or -1. When suggesting improvement for criteria in regards to application questions, ensure that it is constructive and offers the applicant a better chance to improve. Never leave unhelpful comments like 'Mad lad' or any other immature comment that doesn't contribute to the application.

Avoid commenting duplicate comments that others have already made. If you agree with a post, use a reaction instead. Applicants should not respond to every criticism as it is considered cluttering. If you wish, seek permission to respond to criticisms from a staff manager or higher or simply use reactions to agree/disagree.

Avoid making statements that follow a bullet point format such as;
  • Low warns
  • Low detail app
  • Active


Any form of advertisement will lead into an instant deny of application.

Low substance responses will be subject to revision. Failure to follow these guidelines may result in a forum warning.
Not open for further replies.