DENIED false demote

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Your In-Game Name: Stickey444

Your SteamID: STEAM_0:1:578862597

Offenders In-Game name: Unboltedglobe

Offenders SteamID: STEAM_0:1:423487431

Details about this incident: I was a police constable and so someone said the pd was being raided so I went over and turns out the raiders had already been dealt with so I was just at the pd stairs then some guy started shooting up the police (there was 2 at the stairs me and some other guy) so I had a machine gun and it was indoors and i started shooting the raider then some guy litrualy ran into the crossfire, i get pulled into a sit and the guy i crossfired said i aimed at him and killed him, and then river smith said the pd wasnt even been raided, but some guy was in the pd shooting up the police so i assumed he was raiding. i told riversmith and the other guy that it was crossfire like 5 times and then the guy actually lied to the admin and told him that he wasnt even near the pd even though he was litrualy INSIDE the pd while it was being "raided"and so i get demoted because this guy told the admin that he wasnt in the pd and that i aimed at him and gunned him down even though i was in the pd stopping the raid so if he wasnt in the pd who could i have rdm'd him, like i was shooting at the raider and i didnt have to to /y crsossfire because i was being shot at. He lied to the admin and got me demoted to probational constable. it would be good if u coud like ask this guy to tell the truth coz it took me ages to be promoted to constable

Evidence/pictures (If any): ask unboltedglobe hes the one lying in a sit other then that i wasnt recording. u can check logs i think though?

Time of incident (Including timezone): 7:40 ish? i think around that time. my timezone is australia vicoria also
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Thank you for making an incident report sticky. I am sorry to hear that you feel this way, so I will explain my side of the story.
I got a ticket from unboltedglobe telling me that he was Rdmed by a cop when I brought him in I check death logs and saw your name. I brought you into the sit and asked you why you kill the player you responded that it was a crossfire and you stated that there was a pd raid and that unbolted was killed in the crossfire. From my understanding, the PD was not being raided at the time of this event, so I was confused on how it could have been crossfire and why unbolted was caught within it. As I told you within the sit, when crossfire happens you need to put an advert up by doing /ad Crossfire. After this I checked your warns to see that you were banned 10 days ago for AMRDM, feeling as though you have in the past been banned for Rdm related issues, I found it hard to believe that it was crossfire. I find it hard to believe Unboltedglobe would lie in the sit, as in the past I have dealt with sits with him and he has never lied to me. After warning you and getting TerrA to demote you, you started raging on in OOC about how I am a bad admin and that how Unbolted and myself should be banned, I told you and other staff at the time told you to make a report on the forums but you kept going on about it in OOC. Next time just go to the forums straight away. For the reason stated above, I believe that your warning is valid and that unblotedglobe was not lying during our sit. Again I am sorry how you feel about the matter, but during my sit I let you explain your side of the story and treated you just as fairly as I did with Unboltedglobe.


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If you feel mistreated by a staff member, head to the forums or speak with the Management via Discord. It isn't the best choice to attack staff members on OOC chat. Regarding your demotion & warning, It is valid as you have randomly killed Unboltedglobe. If it was indeed crossfire make sure to advert crossfire next time. Lastly, next time please use Ban Appeals section on the forums to appeal your warning.
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