Event master Application (D.Dante)


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Jul 20, 2021
Discord Tag SilkyBear#2829

Steam Profile Link: https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198294401530/

Age: 14

Topic Questions

What is your motivation to join the Event Team?:

I always wanted to take my creative writing to the next level and produce a full-blown universe. I also have a friend who is an event master at the moment and he has been encouraging me to join the team and help him produce successful and engaging events.

Have you had event/game master positions on other servers? If so, please state server name and game mode:
No, but I'm willing to try

How do you balance running events and roleplaying?:
If I had multiple team members online it would make balancing roleplay and events much easier as we can switch if needed. I would mostly be RPing unless staff or the event need me else were.

How many hours do you estimate you can put in per week?:
I'm free nearly every day from 4 pm to 11 pm unless something in IRL needs me e.g School, Family, etc

What do you think makes an event good?:
A smooth-running event with minimal problems with a lot of engaging combat and RP elements. I really enjoy intense combat with a lot of action and enemies that are thrown at you at once forcing you and your friends to react quickly and come up with problem-solving technics.

How do you run an event that suits as many people as possible?:
Incorporating each corps's specialties and strong points into an event gives the opportunity for each person to contribute I would like to add an event feedback channel in the discord server for me and my fellow event team to receive feedback and see the likes and dislikes from each player.

How will you incorporate proper roleplay and character development into your events?:
Adding a detailed story with lots of jobs for each corp to do, can highlight each player's ability to RP and show the story in its full light. I would write event plans that show and revolve around each player's ability to solve a problem or to get over a challenging obstacle.


There are a large number of players on the server begging for an event, but you will not be able to run an event large enough for all of them on your own. What will you do? What will you do if no one is able to assist you?

Reassure them that the event may not happen today but i would at least come up with a mini-event to at least keep them entertained for the next event

An event master’s game crashed, and you are the only other event master online. Although you are a section commander in a small squad, should you take over the event until the previous event master returns? Why?
I would place my most trusted man to cover the squad for the time being because I would rather have one squad off for a little while than stop the entire event ruining it for everyone.

A small group of friends has joined the server during your event with the intent to minge and try and ruin other players’ fun. They are horsing around and not properly roleplaying. What do you do?
Ask them to please follow the rules, but if they continue I would tell an admin so I can still progress with the event and the people can
be banned or be jailed just move them away from the people who are trying to enjoy themselves.
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Aug 5, 2021
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Hi Dante

I have known you for quite a while now. Not only in SWRP but many external events. I can see the true potential in you, the motivation is there and that feedback channel is a great idea. I have only a few issues. You aren't very active in the discord or forums at the moment. This doesn't degrade the amount of effort put into this app. Having an extra event staff will also help improve the qualities of events and the frequencies that successful events will run. I would love to see you join the team and help run events. Good luck with the app, I hope the other staff see the same potential I see.

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Jul 19, 2021
Silky my friend

I think your experience in creating and running Rp TT outside of Gmod is a big example of your ability and should have been added here.

You also in recent days have had many conversations with me about event planning and execution showing that you very much want to learn all you can and are not afraid to ask for help when you do not know something and that in my eyes as somebody who has managed an event team in the past is far more important than experience any day.

You also seem to have put a lot of time and detail into your application and this is an important tell for event masters as detail and planning is the difference between a successful and unsuccessful event nine times out of ten.

With all of this in consideration, i think it would be a loss to the players and the team if you are not given a chance to join the event team and learn the ropes.

So as you can guess it's a +1 from me

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