OFFICIAL DarkRP Server Rules

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Orbital Servers

Jun 3, 2021


General Server Rules

  • Please check the Orbital Servers Discord for any rule changes in #change-log.
  • Do not impersonate users or staff members of the server.
  • Do not attempt to harm the server in any way shape or form.
  • Do not steal during a roleplay transaction. This includes when purchasing weapons, shipments, knives or anything that involves monetary value.
  • Do not harass, grief or annoy other players of the community.
  • Racism, Homophobia and Sexism will not be tolerated in any means, this will be dealt accordingly with the harshness of the situation.
  • Encouragement of suicidal/self harm will not be tolerated. This will be dealt with quite harshly due to the severity of the topic.
  • Using any form of communication to repeatedly say something is not tolerated (Spam).
  • Do not prop minge. This includes prop climbing, trapping players in props, placing props in public areas and spamming props.
  • Do not scam other players.
  • Only Free Runner role may bunnyhop (provided they aren't scripting).
  • Cheating in any form is prohibited, this includes scripts or exploiting server plugins.
  • Do not post links on the server unless associated with Orbital Servers or Steam.
  • Do not DDoS the server and or threaten to DDoS members of the community. This will not be tolerated whatsoever and will result in a permanent ban from the Orbital Servers community.
  • Ban evading will result in a permanent ban.
  • Finding/Exploiting loop holes in the rules is strictly prohibited

Building and Basing

General Building Rules
  • Do not build on or above roads. (Certain Job Roles allow building on streets)
  • You cannot have a “Building” sign and a “KOS” sign on your building at the same time. “KOS” signs indicate that you are participating in roleplay.
  • Text screens that are placed down must have a minimum size of 40 and a maximum size of 70.
  • You may not own multiple bases at a time. One base per person is the limit.
  • You may not build above or block NPC's in any way, this includes building near it to restrict movement, building above it to limit your risk of selling it. However, you may base near it.
  • Do not build inside of buildings that you do not own.
  • Unrealistic base designs are not tolerated. (Sky bases, Hanging side bases, underwater bases etc)
  • Do not block clear pathways or key routes of the map completely. (Police Weapon Checkpoints are exempt).
  • Bases that require crouching or jumping are disallowed. Anything that slows down or affects a player's movement is not allowed. (No fading door traps, parkour entries, fading door bridges or kill boxes, zig-zag hallways etc).
  • Do not create tiny cracks in your base that raiders cannot see (such as headshot and footshot traps). Both parties (defenders & raiders) must have their head and torso clearly visible at all times.
  • No disorienting materials or props that will confuse players throughout the entirety of a base (pure black and invisible props are not allowed).
  • No hidden no-collide entrances. If you have a no-collide entrance, it must be clearly distinguishable. This is possible by changing the material or colour different to other surrounding props.
  • Base walkways/tunnels must fit two players in width at all times. There are no exceptions to this.
  • No one-way shooting fences (raiders must be able to see who is shooting them), one-way props that you do not shoot through are allowed.
  • No using no-collided props/windows which you walk through to shoot out.
  • You can have 2 fading doors for entrance and 3 fading doors to protect your valuables, provided it isn't used as separate pathways. Any fading prop that you can fit through is determined as an entry door.
  • Fading door entrance props must be owned by one person.
  • Printers/valuables must not be hidden in obscure or in difficult to reach places.
  • You cannot build on the roof of a building unless you own the doors to the building.
  • You may build decorations beside your base as long as it does not restrict movements or any form of RP.
  • Spawning in pixel art while the servers player count is over 60 is not allowed.
  • You may not build casinos or standalone bases within the general area of spawn. You may build casinos/bases within the house in spawn. (You are allowed to build slightly outside of the building if necessary)


  • Fading door windows must stay open for a minimum of one second.
  • Windows have a minimum length and width of 2x3.
  • You may not have a one-way fading door window.

KOS Signs

  • “KOS” signs only apply to interiors. This means you may only kill someone who is inside of your base if you have a “KOS” sign on the exterior of your base.
  • No “KOS” signs on public property, sidewalks or anywhere that affects the roleplay of other jobs (E.g. a “KOS” sign blocking off a hobo dumpster).
  • "KOS" Signs are required by everyone to be-able to KOS in an interior.
  • Do not have ridiculous and over-exaggerated “KOS” zones that cover a large amount of your base.
  • You may kill someone that has previously walked into your base within 5 seconds. However, if you lose sight of that person, you are no longer allowed to KOS them.
  • You must have a “KOS” sign clearly displayed at any entrances of your base and it must not be hidden. This includes making it invisible or blending it in with materials.
  • KOS baiting is not allowed e.g. Leaving your doors open/unlocked for people to walk in so you can kill them.

Building Signs

  • Buildings Signs should be clearly distinguishable at all times (Minimum text size: 50).
  • Do not interfere with people that have a "Building" sign as they are considered as Out-Of-Character (OOC). This includes raiding, completing hits and or anything RP related.
  • If you have a “Building” sign, you must not have any valuables inside. This includes any job entities as you are not participating in roleplay.
  • Report players who have valuables with a “Building” sign to a staff member. If no staff members are currently available, you may ignore their “Building” sign and interfere.

Mega Bases

  • Your base should not block direct pathways or roadways (this does not include gang territory).
  • Any ridiculous and oversized bases are disallowed. Any questions inquiring about base sizes should be asked to a staff member.


  • Do not abuse the fading door tool (using your set keybind to constantly open and close a fading door). This is considered Fading Door Abuse (FDA) and is a punishable offence. Using your set fading door keybinds during an RP situation will is not tolerated. This also includes wire player scanners for base entrances and these are not allowed.
  • Keypads must be connected to any and all working fading doors within a base.
  • Keypads must have a minimum hold length of 6 seconds for fading doors.
  • Keypads/Fading Doors must be easily accessible without causing the raider to redirect their movement in ways such as crouching or jumping.
  • All raiders must have the option to lockpick and keypad crack fading doors. You must not use props in a way that blocks the lockpick and forces raiders to use keypad crackers vice versa.

Gambling Machines

  • Gambling machines are not allowed to automatically collect winnings.
  • Gambling machines must be able to be raided.
  • Gambling machines must only be placed inside a base.
  • Only Citizens can build Casinos/Gambling Machines.
  • You cannot withdraw money from gambling machines while being raided.

Roleplay Rules

Default Laws
  • Murder and Assault is illegal (Always).
  • Breaking and entering is illegal (Always).
  • Owning a small one-handed weapon (1h pistol, melee weapon, etc) is legal (Always).
  • Two-handed weapons are illegal (unless you own a gun license).
  • Sharing and distributing Black Market weapons is illegal unless stated otherwise.
  • Firing a weapon in a public area is illegal. (Always)
  • Open-carry is illegal.
  • Drugs are illegal.
  • Money Printers are illegal unless stored in PD or Bank Vault.
  • Prostitution is illegal.
  • Advertising Hits is illegal.
  • Pooping in Public is illegal.

General Roleplay Rules
  • Do not roleplay in spawn. (e.g Mugging, Completing hits, etc)
  • Do not run into spawn to avoid an RP situation.
  • Roleplay events/situations end after 2 minutes of no roleplay interactions (This is similar to NLR, after 2 minutes of no visual contact, you have forgotten who that person is and what they did).
  • You may not spawn-kill any roles.
  • You are only limited to hiring 1 contractor if your job is able to (excluding security guards and PMC).
  • Do not body block or door spam. (Spamming your keybind on a door which abuses the door movement and or standing in the way of something to affect a roleplay situation).
  • Do not suicide to avoid RP Situations. (Arrests, Tasing, Kidnapping, Mugging, etc).
  • You may not destroy your valuables in a raid whatsoever. Leaving then rejoining within 30 minutes of the raid is considered FailRP.
  • You must not interfere with ragdolls that aren't directly related with you or your job (Tasing & Kidnapping).
  • Advertisements may only be used for RP reasons and logical.
  • Playing music through your microphone is allowed within your own property, out on the street and in public areas it is considered Micspamming.
  • Only Thief/Pro Thief/Thug/Free Runner and Gangsters can steal valuables as long as not during an rp transaction.
  • You cannot destroy job entities if you're not raiding nor steal valuables if you're not a robber [Thief/Pro Thief/Thug/Free Runner/Gangsters] (PD can only destroy job entities and valuables if it's against the laws).

RDM (Random Death Match)
  • Killing someone without valid RP reason is not allowed.
  • Disrespect, mic spam, or anything that would not result in damage being taken is not an RP reason to kill someone.
  • Protecting someone who is not in a roleplay relation with you is not an RP reason to kill someone.

NLR (New Life Rule)

  • You may not return to the scene of your death immediately and must wait for the 5 minute cooldown period.
  • After you die, you forget all about your past, meaning you are living a new life (New Life Rule).
  • NLR still applies when you get bailed out or escaped from jail. (e.g. You cannot kill the cop that arrested you after getting jailed, you cannot go back to the raid after getting jailed etc.)


  • Metagaming is the use of information in which your roleplay character would not have known. (E.g. using gathered OOC information for purposes of RP)
  • Use of OOC or PM to affect the given RP situation you or others are related to.
  • Identifying and discriminating against a players job (Excluding anyone with a valid uniform such as the police, crips and bloods).
  • This includes using game mechanics against people. (E.g. telling a disguised cop to pull out his taser).
  • Names above players heads or on doors can be used for role play situations. (This is not considered OOC information)


  • When initiating FearRP, you must point your weapon at the front of the victim for FearRP to apply. (Both guns and melee weapons apply for FearRP)
  • You must value your life and not try to evade a person who's pointing the gun at you or perform any other actions which would not be normal.
  • When under FearRP, you must follow the attacker's orders. (If you get killed for not following reasonable orders this is not RDM)
  • When under FearRP, you may not draw out any weapons on your attacker unless they turn away first.
  • When initiating FearRP, please be reasonable with what you request of the victim.
  • Ordering the victim to drop weapons or the contents of their inventory is not permitted.
  • Ordering the victim to unlock their base in order for you to steal items is not permitted
  • If you turn away from the victim at any point will not be considered FailRP if he draws a gun and kills you
  • FearRP does not apply to law enforcement roles or the Terrorist.
  • Police tasers do not apply FearRP as they are non-lethal.


  • You cannot raid someone who has a building sign. If they have valuables, call an admin. If no admins are present, you may proceed with the raid.
  • Once a raid is complete, you must leave the raid site immediately.
  • To start a raid, look at the door and click F8 or type /startraid.
  • Killing before starting a raid is considered RDM.
  • You cannot start a raid, kill the owner and then stop the raid. You must make an attempt of completing a raid once started.
  • You must wait 15 minutes before raiding the same person again.
  • You may not raid a base using keypad codes. This is considered FailRP.
  • You cannot steal job-related entities, but you may destroy them.
  • Raiders must yell counter / assist (and F8) if they are raiding a base after someone else has already started a raid on it.
  • As an employed Battle Medic, Hacker, PMC etc. If your original employer dies, you can continue to raid with any other partners they had during the raid. If all employers and partners die, you must leave the raid but may continue to defend yourself as you do so.
  • You cannot build defences inside nor outside the building during a raid. (Cops are an exemption to this)
  • When raiding, you may not kill non-threats inside the building and must make them leave (Base owners and employees are exempted).
  • If you die defending a base during a raid, you must not return until the raiding party has finished and left the base.

Yell Rules

  • Yelling is considered evidence in admin situations that you did warn a player to do something. Some examples include;
- Tell a player to move along.
- Tell a player to put his weapon away.
- Invoke FearRP
- Mug
- Countering / Assisting a raid

  • If a player fails to follow a /yell, you may kill/arrest them after 5 seconds.
  • After using /y, you may use your microphone to continue warning the player.
  • Any unrealistic /y's will be ignored and punished for FailRP.

Roleplay Demotions

  • Do not demote players for rule-breaking issues. If a rule is broken, this must be reported to a Staff Member to be dealt with.
  • You can only demote people for valid RP reasons. (E.g. Mob Boss overthrow by gangsters).
  • You cannot demote the Mayor.
  • Do not demote players for OOC staff issues, like RDM/RDT.

Roleplay Relations
  • You cannot protect someone without having roleplay relations (e.g Police helping a Thug)
  • Roleplay relation occurs when playing the same or similar job roles (e.g Thief, Thugs and other sectioned roles). RP relation is also valid if hired under another job role (e.g Hacker contracted under a Thief).

Gang Wars
  • To initiate a Gang War, Gang leaders must write an /advert making a clear statement on their intentions of a Gang War. (e.g /advert “Gang War? Accept or decline?”)
  • Once a Gang War has been initiated, any gang member is eligible for KOS.
  • Gang wars can last up to 10 minutes, if a leader wishes to end early, they must /advert "Crips Surrender" or "Bloods Surrender".
  • There is a 25-minute cooldown between gang wars
  • You need 4 members (including the leader) as well as an established territory to start or become involved in a gang war.
  • Do not fight where there are large numbers of pedestrians. You want to keep crossfire to a minimum.

Gang Territory
  • To establish gang territory as Bloods, Crips or Gangsters, you must have at least 4 people including the leader.
  • Gang Territory must be exclusive to one portion of the map (Farmhouse, Industrial, Residential or Beach). It cannot cover more than one portion. E.g. Farmhouse and Industrial.
  • Gang Territories are allowed to have KOS signs regarding rival gang members, police or weapons out etc. You cannot KOS everyone inside of your territory.
  • You are not allowed to have fading doors for the entrance to your gang territory. You are allowed to impede movement such as a zig-zag entrance. Forcing crouching or jumping is prohibited.
  • Only gangs are allowed to build on/above roads and this must be done to establish a checkpoint / blocked off road.

  • You must only mug someone who is participating in roleplay. If someone has a building sign, you cannot interfere.
  • You have to have a lethal weapon out to mug (i.e. a gun/knife).
  • You have to use /y for a valid mugging.
  • Maximum amount of money you may ask for is $2,000.
  • Mugging cooldown is 5 minutes for any person.
  • You may only mug the same person every 15 minutes.
  • You may kill the victim if they haven’t dropped their money after 10 seconds or if they have run away / refused.
  • You must not mug whilst there are more than 3 people witnessing.
  • When mugging, you must point your weapon at the front of your victim to initiate FearRP.

Job-Related Rules

Free Runner

  • Free runners may only raid and base with other free runners.
  • You cannot mug.
  • You can own printers.
  • You can use weapons (Guns and Melee)
  • Free runners cannot hire contractors.


  • You're not allowed to raid or assist people.
  • Medics must provide service to the public and not a specific person.
  • Medics can make a store but not a personal base.
  • Medics may own printers in their store.
  • Medics can only make a store with other Medics and Security Guards.

Night Club Manager

  • You can own printers.
  • You can hire contractors such as Security Guard & Mercenary.
  • You can only have your nightclub equipment inside of your base.
  • You must not spawn nightclub entities in the public (Police Department, Sidewalk).
  • You can charge players for an amount of no more than $1000 to enter your Night Club.

Pimp & Prostitutes
  • Pimps hold authority over prostitutes similar to commissioners over officers.
  • Pimps may hold Strip clubs and make prostitutes work under their orders.
  • Prostitutes are not completely leashed to pimps, but being their source of income they need to follow the Pimps orders

  • Citizens are not allowed to raid or steal.
  • Citizens can own a base and items of value such as weapons and printers.
  • Citizens may only base and have RP relations with other citizens.
  • As Citizen, you have the option to RP as whatever you wish as long as you do not imitate other set job roles or try to avoid server rules.

Hotel Manager
  • You may hire 3 Security Guards as a Hotel Manager.
  • You may protect your customers in the Hotel.
  • You may own printers and store them.
  • You may charge money for rooms in the Hotel.
  • Each room inside the Hotel can have its own base protections.

Hobo/Hobo King
  • Only Hobos are permitted to build on sidewalks and Fountain.
  • You're only allowed melee weapons or weapons salvaged from dumpsters.
  • You're not allowed to own doors or have keypadded doors. You must not have any valuables in hobo structures.
  • A 'Hobo King' and 2 Hobos must be present in order to mug.
  • If you are throwing a bug bait at players, you are at risk of being killed after a /y warning is given.
  • You may only build hobo like structures (Shacks, Sidewalk huts)
  • Junkies are allowed to RDM within the sewers (i.e. Junkies can break NLR).
  • You may not kill other Junkies.
  • Junkies are not allowed to base.
  • Junkies cannot speak or use in-game chat. You may make noises if you wish.
  • Junkies can RDM in the mines.
  • Junkies cannot perform illegal activities (raids, mugging, owning printers, etc).
  • Junkies cannot build.
  • Junkies can only use melee weapons. Knifes are allowed.
Bank and Banker
  • You must base only inside of the bank.
  • Only bankers and government hired classes can build in the bank. This includes role-play structures and defences.
  • You may only have 2 fading doors for bank entry only, you may not have any fading doors for entities such as weapons or printers.
  • Within the bank vault, printers and weapons can be legally stored.
  • Bankers are only allowed to hire security guards and PMC to guard the bank.
  • You may not withhold the printer or its money from a client.
  • You may not destroy a client's printer without consent from the client or without a valid RP reason.

Government Officials

Police Rules

  • Always follow everything mentioned on #police-information & #police-rules in the PD Discord.
  • Do not encourage/promote any criminal behaviour by any means (i.e. corrupt cop).
  • You may not release prisoners from cells by any means. They can only be released by being bailed.
  • Leave all Doors in the PD locked except the front door as it should be accessible to the public at any time.
  • You can have a checkpoint on any Major Street Tunnels with Metal Detectors on both entrance and exit. Moreover, you can make a Government only entrance on both sides of the checkpoint. You can also place Metal Detectors in PD Lobby, provided you don't enforce AOS past them.
  • Do not pocket illegal items for your own use (Black Market weaponry & Drugs). All weapons obtained from raids must be placed in the Armory. However, you may carry them back using your pocket.
  • Fading Doors and Keypads are not allowed in PD unless used to protect valuables.
  • Government Officials are allowed to store printers in PD Armory only provided they don't AFK farm over 20 minutes.
  • Always try to consider non-lethal options on unarmed citizens. Only use lethal as a last resort if the person is failing to listen to instructions or trying to endanger the lives of others.
  • You cannot enter someone's property except in certain circumstances such as Warrants, Arrests, Lethal Force and Undercover Disguise missions. This does not stop you from entering public premises such as Gun stores, Casinos etc.
  • Detectives can own a base to set up an interrogation room, surveillance room or to investigate nearby bass, provided they own the doors of the base and do not set up any extra fading doors. Make sure that the base is sold after finishing your investigation.
  • You can have textscreens in the PD such as "AOS past reception door" and "AOS past back fence".
  • You cannot call for backup when being kidnapped as it is not realistic. Not following this rule counts as FailRP.
  • Police Officer, Detective and Commissioner can break NLR unlimited times during PD raid ONLY. However, all SWAT members will have to wait for the raid to stop.
  • You must not KOS every person that is inside a premise. Only kill people who are actively shooting. You may detain the others or tell them to leave.
  • You must always value the hostage’s life and come up with the best resort (i.e. attempt to pay ransom etc).
  • You must warn one-handed open carry (melee and pistols). However, you must AOS two-handed open carry without a license (this can change for 2h weapons depending on laws).
  • You must always tase criminals if they are not engaging in any combat (eg. Picklocking, holstering their weapon etc).
  • You must be aware that you can be killed if you try to fire your taser at someone.
  • You can AOS civilians that pass behind any lockable door in PD/Bank (except for the front door) without a /y warning. If they are visiting the mayor or other PD official, they must be cuffed and escorted at all times.
  • Government officers must use /want to make people wanted if they are not in the vicinity.
  • You may arrest individuals who attempt to interfere with an arrest after giving them a /y warning.
  • Government Officials cannot use auto collecting printers inside the PD.

  • Mayor must only use a 1H weapon (One-Handed).
  • Mayor must follow all government protocols.
  • You may base outside of the PD, but not be inside of a base with non-government roles.
  • You must advert after initiating a lockdown provided you have a valid reason.
  • You cannot create a law that breaks a server rule.
  • Only Police and PMC can protect the Mayor.
  • Mayor grace period is 3 minutes. Mayor's Grace ends after an RP action is made (E.g. Lottery, Warrant, Laws, Wanted and leaving the PD).
  • You can't make laws that restrict player movement/speech (No Jaywalking, must walk backwards, no jumping, charging for advertisements. etc.)
  • You cannot make laws that are too vague or state that you can be exempt from the rules/default laws. Your laws must be appropriate and professional.
  • You can't make laws that require people to have a coloured prop, textscreen, statue, etc outside their base or else it is subject to a police raid however Roleplay based laws such as cultural enrichment by forcing citizens to create art outside their bases, or pressuring citizens to create sculptures or shrines in your image is fine.

Contract Killers (Assassin & Hitman)

  • Assassins may raid to kill a hit but you are not allowed to steal any valuables.
  • You cannot mug as a Contract Killer.
  • You cannot complete your own placed hit. (Example: Setting a hit on someone as a Citizen and changing jobs to Hitman to complete).
  • You cannot do hits by people giving you money directly. They must use /hit (name) (amount) to make a hit.
  • Hitmen/Assassins are not permitted to base with other players (A solo base by yourself is fine).
  • You may only assist/counter a raid if the target is involved.

Criminal Roles

Thief, Pro Thief, Thug
  • You may only base with other Thieves/Pro Thieves/Thugs or with hirable jobs.
  • You may base with 4 other Thieves/Pro Thieves/Thugs (not including hirable jobs).
  • You may mug as a Criminal Role.
  • As a Thug, you must not fist whore. This means that you cannot go around punching people randomly without an RP reason.

Crips and Bloods
  • You may only base with your represented gang.
  • You must follow the orders of and base with your Gang Leader. If there are no current Gang Leaders active, you must base with other gang members.
  • You may perform illegal activities. (raids, mugging, own printers, etc)
  • You cannot mug or raid without your gang leader.
  • Crip and Blood gang members must have two gang members in order to raid.

  • You may only base with your represented gang.
  • You must follow the orders of and base with your Gang Leader. If there are no current Gang Leaders active, you must base with other gang members.
  • You may perform illegal activities. (raids, mugging, own printers, etc)
  • You cannot mug or raid without your gang leader.
  • Gangster members must have 2 gang members + the leader in order to raid.

  • Kidnappers may only own a base to keep their kidnapped victims stored in.
  • Kidnappers must wait 15 minutes between each kidnap.
  • Kidnappers can store printers/valuables inside their base.
  • The maximum hold length of a kidnapped victim is 10 minutes.
  • You must not kidnap whilst there are more than 3 people witnessing.
  • The maximum ransom amount is $20,000
  • Kidnappers may base with other kidnappers.
  • Kidnappers may hire contractors.
  • Throwing ragdolled players through props, entities or the world will not be tolerated. This is considered abuse and punishments will be handed out.

  • You're only allowed to blow people up with your bomb for an attack. You may not randomly shoot people.
  • Terrorists are exempt from FearRP.
  • Do not intentionally target the mayor with a bomb during their grace period.
  • Terrorist Kills do not count as NLR.
  • You cannot base with other criminals.
  • You cannot hire contractors
  • You cannot raid or mug
  • You cannot kidnap but you can take hostages as long as you initiate FearRP with the bomb only (Demands must be realistic) Kidnapper

Weapon Dealers (Black Market Dealer & Gun Dealer)
  • You may only base by yourself or with hired classes. (E.g. BMD cannot base with other BMD’s).
  • You can not refuse to sell to the public whatsoever.
  • Black Market dealers may only base with Battle Medics or Mercenaries (3 Max).
  • Do not self-supply (switching to the class only to supply items for yourself or your friends).
  • Gun Dealers may only base with Security Guards (3 Max).
  • All Weapon Dealer vendors must be made available to the public.
  • Do not KOS inside of a gun store as it is a public area.

Drug Manufacturers (Weed, Moonshine Distiller, Meth)
  • You cannot raid as a Drug Manufacturer.
  • You may only base with other Drug Manufacturers and with hired classes.
  • You cannot mug as a Drug Manufacturer.
  • Meth Tents must be placed in a building that you own and cannot be locked.

  • Miners are not allowed to commit anything against the laws.
  • You may own a base with valuables (you may setup your mining equipment inside a base, inside the mining area.)
  • You must follow all building rules provided.
  • You cannot steal/take other miners equipment/valuables (Such as Bars, Crates, etc).
  • You cannot build inside the mining area (This doesn't include mining equipment). The only exemption to this is a small container with 1 fading door/keypad, for metal bars and crates ONLY.
  • Miners cannot own printers.
Contractors Rules

  • Mercenaries must defend bases from inside meaning you may not act as a bodyguard outside of the base.
  • Mercenaries cannot raid or mug.
  • You must be hired to defend a base.
Security Guard
  • Security guards may only guard civilian jobs [e.g. Hotel Manager] or the bank (you cannot work for criminal roles).
  • Security guards are limited to 3 per civilian job or the bank.
  • Security guards cannot base, unless with their employer.
  • You cannot abuse your stun stick.

Battle Medic
  • Battle Medics are only able to assist in raids (not start them).
  • Battle Medics can only work with criminals.
  • Battle medics are unable to own a base, but they can be hired to protect other criminals bases.


  • You may be hired by criminals to assist in raids.
  • You must only base with your employer.
  • You cannot raid by yourself, only when hired.
  • When hired, Hackers only have RP relations with their employer.

Private Military Company (PMC)
  • You are able to be hired by any job to raid or protect a base. (This includes Government Officials, Thieves and more).
  • PMCs own a gun license by default. This does not exclude them from any weapon laws.
  • PMCs can only mug/raid/take hostages if the employer's job can as well.
  • PMC Contractors must follow the PMC Leaders orders, PMC Contractors are not allowed to work alone.
  • PMCs may base on their own to store illegal weapons and/or valuables.


  • Chargebacks result in a permanent ban.

IRL Trading

  • Trading IRL money for items, services or in-game currency is strictly prohibited and will result in a permanent ban. The only place to conduct IRL money transactions for things in-game is our donation store.
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