Couple Suggestions for MC Pluggins n Stuff

Jack Stone

Minecraft Community Manager
Jun 2, 2021
Addons/Game Mechanics

1. Minimum Players Required to Sleep
Set minimum players required to sleep to like 25% or something like that.

2. Graves - Really depends
When you die, it shows your death location to you in chat and holds all your items in a grave. If you fall in the void, lava or something like that, then the grave won't spawn and the items would act like they would normally when you die.

3. Shops
Allows players to set up their own little shops and markets wherever they want to sell their items for other items (or a currency that is added).

4. Groups/Clans
Have the ability for players to create and invite other players to a group or clan, displaying their guild name above their heads (a colour would be cool also).

Server Rules

PvP is only allowed if all players involved in the combat agree to it - Item loss to other player must also be clarified.

2. You are not allowed to take other players' items unless they allow it - Includes if they die and their items drop, taking items from chests, etc.

3. Griefing and destroying other players' items, builds and land is not allowed unless all players involved agree to it.

4. Trapping and annoying other players or causing them to lose items or take damage by any means is not allowed.

The above is a list of both possible addons/game mechanics as well as server rules that may be implemented. Some of them may not be ideal depending on the type of playstyle the server leans towards. Leave your comments below if you agree or disagree with any of the rules/addons listed above.
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