Bye Staff, More PD!

Jack Stone

Just a really cool dude
Jun 2, 2021
Hey guys,
If you didn't know, I have resigned from my staffing role on Orbital Networks. Don't worry I'm not gone forever. I'll still be PD-HC and work more towards that and making PD greater.
If anyone needs help with anything, I still have knowledge from staffing, it's not like I lose all my brain cells.

Thanks for the experience in the staff team, it has been a blast.

All the members of staff have been immaculate companions and super friendly.
I love you all equally, but my favourite staff have to be TerrA and Pedro who have been great leaders, mentors and friends.


DarkRP Manager & GHC
Jun 3, 2021
All the best Jack Stone, was fun having you around for a long long time. I'll really miss you on the staff team but on the bright side, More PD!!! We'll meet you on #high-command-discussion baby :)
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I thought it was a pisstake at first, didn’t know it was truthful.

Nah but fr, literally from the start of my experience of the server you’ve always been a great bloke to be around (not to say you won’t continue to be). When I first started staffing you were a massive help and many mistakes would’ve been made if it wasn’t for you.

while you are not leaving entirely, I just thought I’d let you know what an impact you’ve made for me and many others on the team. You’ve served well brother.

We will defiantly meet again.

Gretta Cumburg

Woke Maccas Worker
Aug 7, 2021
Rockingham, WA
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Just Jokes, You will be missed 😭

You better host some absolute bussin pd events