OFFICIAL Building Competition to win CREDITS!


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Sep 4, 2021
Evening everyone!

I am hosting a building competition for players that think they have what it takes to show off their building skills and win in game store credits.

What you have to build!
This build theme will be an automatic gun store. Your build will have to be from scratch so this means you cannot use any existing dupes you own. You will have from the 26/10/21 to the 31/10/21 to create your idea of a perfect automatic gun store.

Once you have completed your build you will be required to record a demo video and upload it to youtube and provide your ingame name with the link in this thread. However many reacts your post gets on the forums counts as votes for your build. Whoever has the most amount of votes by 11:59 PM 31/10/21 will claim 1st place. This will be the same for 2nd and 3rd place.

1st place = 5000 credits
2nd place = 3000 credits
3rd place = 1000 credits.

Please note, no staff member is gifting these credits for free. I will purchase the credits with my own money and gift to winners via there steam64ID. If you have any other ideas for this event please let me know via orbital discord.

I hope to see alot of people enter this competition as I would like to do this every month if it is popular.


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Oct 6, 2021
pretty clean and aesthetically pleasing. I know you worked hard on this and I personally like it a lot.
could change the colours and materials a bit but that all personal preference

keep up the good work - margarit
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Jun 28, 2021

Can I put in another submission and take out my old submission? I made a new and better dupe so I am going to submit this one
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