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Astroaustralis's Orbital Staff Application

Steam Community Link:


Discord User#:

20 [20/08/2000]

Country/Time Zone:
New Zealand[NZST]

Do you have a working Microphone?:
Yes, i have a high quality streamer boom mic setup.

What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot):
4 Days and 7 Hours
astro hours.PNG

How many warnings do you have? (Post a screenshot):

Just 1, which in itself was a misunderstanding of active shooter rules at the time.
astro warns.PNG

How many Softbans/Blacklists do you have? (Post a screenshot):

0, I have never been banned, soft-banned, or blacklisted.

Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples):
I have spent almost all of my 1900 hours on Gmod playing DarkRP, most of which has been accumulated via staffing, i used to run my own DarkRP server called YeetRP which had roughly 80 concurrent players at peak times, prior to that i was the head admin of ReptileRP in 2014, and have previously staffed for servers such as oculus, fade gaming, direRP, and a few more, all of which i have staffed until the server has either closed or gone completely inactive.

Why do you believe that you deserve this staffing position?:
I believe that I deserve this position among the staff team due to my large staffing background/experience alongside the sheer amount of activity that I have within the community, I am active in both the regular & PD discord, I am also quite active in these forums. I play the game itself as often as I can outside of work and make use of OOC to assist any players that I can with whatever issues they may have, aside from this I actively go out of my way to educate players of the rules in a helpful way rather than being rude or pretentious. I believe that the way that I act when handling sits and rule-breaks is ideal as I make it a point to look at things very matter-of-fact and allow myself to take a thorough understanding of the players, their tendencies, their intentions etc. The final and main reason I believe I deserve this position is due to my own desire to help this server progress and allow the players to enjoy a great session of DarkRP with a lot less minging and rule-breaking.

Explain your ability to work as a team (Using examples):
I use my team-working skills on a daily basis as I work in a kitchen therefore verbal communication as well as thought-out planning is require to quite a large degree, for example my daily job is to perform prep and produce pastry for myself and other bakers to use of which has to meet a high quality standard and for that to work out I must work alongside my team to manage ordering, logistics, production, line-work and eventually wholesale, while this example may seem rather disconnected from Gmod I can assure you that it is a viable expression of my capabilities to work efficiently with a team and communicate clearly. I have worked with staff teams in Gmod many times and each is always different, however as I've grown to know more and more of the staff team here I have no doubt that I will be able to work cohesively and efficiently with these amazing people.

What qualities will you bring to the staff team?:
I believe that I can bring a sense of community connection to the team with my active goofing around and having fun role-playing or even having a good chat with members of the community, however, don't mistake it that I would not take my position seriously as maturity should never be measured on how one has fun, but on how they handle a serious matter (e.g. a sit). Altogether I believe I can bring some good times, jokes, and sheer efficiency in handling role-break situations.
Do you agree not to abuse or misuse the powers given to moderate the server?:
I agree.
Do you agree that your powers will be stripped completely if misused?:
I agree.

Do you agree to follow the Staff Expectations once given?:
As my obligation if I get staff, I agree.


Hi Astro

Your application is detailed which shows you care about being staff, I have had many sits with you and you keep your cool and remain calm even with the mingiest of players which shows you are mature and can handle big situations. I have also had many interactions with you ingame all of which have been positive. I believe you would make a great staff member so I am leaving a +1 on your application.


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Major +1

Definitely a fucking +1. This man right here is a fucking legend and one of the most caring roleplayers I have ever met (iykyk - yesterday's incident). Astro has shown maturity throughout his experience on Orbital ever since he joined, in-game or Discord. He has shown lots of staffing qualities via OOC, reporting rulebreakers, making staff requests to ask rules that he is confused with/ also personally PMing me. In terms of application, It is very detailed and shows that you had put effort into it and care about receiving the rank. Activity wise, you are very active in-game as well as Discord (being on general voice chat 24/7 and interacting with the community hence proves that Community presence is very high). I have no other reasons to think why you shouldn't get staff. To top it off, keep posting memes and I highly believe you deserve a shot at staffing! Good luck mate.


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I'm going to also +1

I've had a few sits with this guy and he loves to take the lead haha, he genuinely wants to help and support people on the server without anything in return - in my eyes - an amazing trait to have.

I've had many, many, many good experiences with him in game.

You can tell someone is quality just by how they present and project themselves - which Astro does VERY well.

I wish you all the best big orse

Muck Figures

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Staff member
I have interacted with you and do know you are a chill guy you have experience
and the mindset to be a staff member so there for making my decision a +1.
highly detailed staff application which is great.
mature mind set and age which is great as-well.
good luck with your staff application hopefully I see you on the team in the future :)


Staff member
love the attention to detail its shows that you really want staff to help the community

grow and strive you seem really outgoing and achieving so good luck my guys :)


" +1 great effort on the app and is a good bloke, goodluck 🙂"

Please follow the staff feedback guidelines. Don't make too little detailed feedbacks next time, make sure to give feedbacks on how or why is this applicant worthy to be so called "Staff" with your thoroughly and detailed feedback. Thank you

Staff Feedback Guidelines:

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Darth Picwahser

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You are the most active and friendly player I have met since I have arrived back from camp. You are helpful, friendly, and extremely active. You deserve this role.


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I've seen you online almost all the time recently, and all the interactions I've had with you in-game have been positive,
your application is detailed and shows you really know what you're doing. You are most deserving of this position, and I hope you get the role. +1 from me.

River Smith

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Astro is one of the most deserving people for the staffing role. He is an easy person to get along with, who treats everyone respectfully. He is active on the server but also on the forums and discord. I know he understands the rules and can teach and enforce them on others. I believe you will make a great staff member.
(He also gave me a knife)
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