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Jalis Gronk

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Sep 15, 2022
Your in game name: Jalis Mobirlach

Time of incident: Around 2:00am in the morning

Staff member(s) you are reporting: Tony Pepperoni

Details of the incident: A staff sit and a raid going on at the same time changing up my base to make sure I wasn't breaking the rules then he leads the crew through the colour coded doors and was in general in the way because two things at the same time is very confusing and even he said you didn't have to shoot at them but did I because they were raiding which meant they were going to kill me overall confusing incident ending with stupid propblocker who has no idea what his doing im just not happy with the admin sit and raid at the same time I did try to compromise by changing the colours which he said was fine I should've made my base different to start with but a admin sit changing base up during a raid I do accept that I was halve in the wrong by not completing my base to the proper standard to start with a overall flustered me at the end and could've been handled with differently by the staff member not trying to say he isn't good well respected staff member and member of the Orbital DarkRp Community a different approach would've been better.

Kind Regards to Whom may read this Jalis Mobirlach

Any evidence (If Any):

Tony Pepperoni

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Jun 22, 2021
Hey man, I understand that dying like this is pretty frustrating and I apologize as I could've made it clear to everyone that whilst I was there you guys shouldn't shoot at each other. That being said, I don't believe that I handled this situation incorrectly. Yes, I showed them that you can walk through your no-collide door, which was in response to them saying that your door was not raidable and was failbase. The doors of a base are not intended to be something you can hide and it should always be clear how you can enter someone's base. As for blocking your shots, you began shooting well before anyone else did, and I did my best to get out of the way as I believed that I was not able to stop that gunfight and therefore the best action was to let it play out how it would've in a normal raid. The only shots that I "got in the way" of were the ones you directly aimed at me (which I can't really control), and other than that I didn't interfere with the gunfight at all. You were not disadvantaged in any way as you took minimal damage during the part of the fight I was there for and the raiders were not prepared for a gunfight when you opened fire. The rest of that interaction had no interference and it's not really anyone's fault that you died as you initiated the fight. I did insist you change your base during a raid, but having a base that abides by the rules is not a suggestion, it's what needs to happen to keep the raid fair for all players. The raiders didn't know how to get in during this process and I only instructed them that they could lockpick the garage door after I was confident your base didn't have any other problems. As for the prop block, that was after you had died and did not interfere with the raid as I dealt with it very promptly after it happened. I could've done better in handling this situation, however the same can be said for any situation. The bottom line is that your defense can't be that raiders can not get in to your base because they do not know where you've hidden your door. I am not in the wrong for showing them where your doors are and the fact that they can just walk through 3 props and have access to your full base is not my doing. Having no-collided doors is not a secure or sustainable way to secure your base. I would recommend reading the building rules and then properly securing your base next time.
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Garry Newman

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Feb 20, 2022
Although Tony could've expressed more heavily to the members of the sit to not engage in combat, it was yourself who engaged in combat with the players first and later died to the raiders. The alternative course of action would've been to wait to the end to the sit where Tony would've been likely to have led the raiders outside where they would've restarted raiding you again from the beginning of the base.
(Authorised by the Staff Manager)
(Message MrScammerMan#7118 - Myself, if you have any further questions about the decision)
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