[$75,000] Starline Apartments (Hotel)

Jeremy Coomeracci

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Jul 14, 2021
+ This dupe requires donator prop limit to remain fully functional +

Ever wanted to be a hotel owner, but lack the creative talent to design a building that's stylish or engaging? Allow me to be of assistance. Starline Apartments are your answer to a quick, easy and interactive 'hotel' experience. Alongside the lobby, each room in the hotel will come with an optional furnishing package, with three different designs available to the client that will be included with the dupe purchase. I'll give you a run through on how it all works.

Starline Lobby:
The lobby is likely to be where you and your staff will spend most of the time working, so why not keep it good looking?
Please do ignore the textscreen behind the wall clock I had a troublemaker whilst photographing

The prices on the board are of course up to your own discretion. If you wish to run the apartments via time-based payments ($5,000 per 10 minutes for example) then be my guest, however be advised that through market research trials this method will not pull in too many customers! You'll notice the Terms & Conditions panel in the second picture, which is how I personally manage to make money from this build. You see, with Terms & Conditions automatically applied to each tenant, if they breach your conditions in anyway (and provided you own all the doors in the building) you can evict tenants and make them pay for their room again. You may be surprised how many people just can't stop themselves from stabbing someone in the hotel...

[If you'd like an example of Terms and Conditions I will happily pass on my T&C document to give you a frame of reference]

20210822162714_1.jpgThe hotel comes with a decorative Security Office for any guards you hire.

The final feature of the lobby worth noting is the Guest Services System. This was designed by me to give the Hotel Manager more of a job than just Landlord.


On the left, you'll see the panel behind the desk. The three green panels each represent one of the rooms (Organised from the top floor to the bottom respectively). Each room (regardless of whether furnishings are purchased or not) will include the Guest Services Station (pictured right). If a guest has a specific request, they press the button and a chime will sound at the desk. The green panel for the room pressed will turn red as to indicate who needs assistance. It then becomes your job to find out what the request is, and decide if you'll take it on for them. You decide how far you're willing to go for guests, and whether you're willing to go against the law for them.

Finally, once the request is satisfied one way or another, you press their Guest Services bell once more and the panel will once again return to green.

Starline Rooms:

As mentioned in the opening paragraph, each room comes equipped with an optional furnishing package. Although the overall structure of the furnishings remain the same, the textures and colours differ to offer the guests some customisation to their own place. It also gives players a template for their home with no expense to their own proplimit. I will include the room designs in the comments as i've hit the attachment limit on this threat ;_;

Happy to answer any questions you may have! Feedback also appreciated.

For those interested, here's my discord:


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