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  1. HerpBrownstainz

    FREE Take It

    Going LOA for a bit. and here is my dupes, Including the Unfinished Morningstar Base
  2. HerpBrownstainz

    Brownstainz's Suggestions From Discord

    The bridge thing I'm over. Got use to other buildings styles so ye. But I really need the other 2 suggestions to be added haha. Building is just dry without the sound and context menu is just insanely useful.
  3. HerpBrownstainz


    who tf are you?
  4. HerpBrownstainz

    DENIED Slimes' Staff Application

    +1 (Bias) Ok so. Although Slimes’ has not been active on the forums nor discord in game I'd say its another story. Maybe people are just oblivious or like to hang with their mates well so does Slimes. Everyday I play start up our Morningstar Family base with Luci and the rest of the Gang and...
  5. HerpBrownstainz

    Slimes' Suggestion

    Would be good for Big Organizations
  6. HerpBrownstainz

    Brownstainz's Suggestions From Discord

    Suggestion #1 What category does this suggestion apply to? (Map, Addons, Discord, Forums, Other): Other - Ingame Details/Information about your suggestion: Let me hear my own toolgun. I can hear some other dipshits one so at least let me hear my own. Also let me build across roads, If I have...