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  1. Gilly

    ACCEPTED Gilly's Staff Application

    Steam Community Link: SteamID: STEAM_0:0:54081926 Discord User#: Gilly#5865 Age: 20 Country/Time Zone: Australia, ACT (AEST) Do you have a working Microphone?: Yes What is your game-time? (Post a screenshot): Currently on this server I have 2 days and I...
  2. Gilly

    Gilly’s Introduction

    Hi I’m Billy, this is my first darkrp server so go easy on me, just joined today looks like a cool map. Hope to have some nice adventures and stories with everyone here seriously though I forgot to make one of these, so just wanted to say Hi
  3. Gilly

    2nd Orbital Hunger Games!

    🔥2nd Orbital Hunger Games🔥 🎟️Would you guys be interested in a simulated hunger games on the forums?🎟️ The Hunger Games will be simulated 06/22/2021 at 5PM Myself and a few other members have created a PHYSICAL Hunger Games This event will start 6 PM onward when a management member jumps on...
  4. Gilly

    Community Game Night!

    Now this isn’t an offical thread for the community game night, it’s currently just being brain stormed. Anyone have any party games that is either cheap or free and the community can play on discord! i was thinking any of the Jack in the box party packs would be so fun! maybe among us or...
  5. Gilly

    Resisting Arrest

    👮‍♂️The Life of A Citizen in a Corrupt County👮‍♀️ Graphic Content Orbital Lives Matter
  6. Gilly

    Orbital Hunger Games!

    🔥Orbital Hunger Games🔥 🎟️Would you guys be interested in a simulated hunger games on the forums? (Supremacy gamers will know The Supremacy Hunger Games)! 🎟️ I require 16 tributes, volunteer while you still can! (Roster will be rotated if enough tributes are found) Comment Below Now!
  7. Gilly

    ACCEPTED Gilly's Trusted Application

    :alien: Gilly's Trusted Application :alien: Steam Community Link: SteamID: 76561198068429580 Your in-game name: Gilly What is your gametime? (Post a screenshot): Proof (Click Here) How many warnings and Softbans / blacklists do you have? (Post a...