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  1. Vodka Lara

    How many of you used to play on supremacy network

    2018 Supremacy gang
  2. Vodka Lara

    What is the worst pain you have ever felt?

    When I accidentally got my hand burnt by a sandwich press
  3. Vodka Lara

    Shower Thoughts

    Who woulge? 1: "Dinner" 2: It is my cat
  4. Vodka Lara

    Staff Diss Thread (Read for Rules)

    Gerry Newman If Garry Man was so good, why did they need to replace him with Garry New Man?
  5. Vodka Lara

    Best State?

    If South Wales is so good, why’d they have to make a New South Wales
  6. Vodka Lara

    Best OG Kids Movies?

    It’s clearly Megamind
  7. Vodka Lara

    ACCEPTED Arpo's Staff Application

    +1 Was a great staff member on Supremacy, so no doubt he'll be good here.
  8. Vodka Lara

    Yes or No?

  9. Vodka Lara

    What's ya'lls favourite cartoon

    Smiling Friends
  10. Vodka Lara

    IMPLEMENTED Medic Revamp

    +1 I remember ages ago, I would set my job to “paramedic” and just follow PD squads around to their raids to heal any victims that came of the ensuing gunfight. It was the most fun I had playing Medic so this will be a great addition to the server.
  11. Vodka Lara

    ban wipes

    Il translate: “It’s funny seeing the kinds of people that play after the ban wipe, but why do the bans get wiped in the first place?”
  12. Vodka Lara

    Past and Current staff, what made you want to apply?

    peer pressure (Pedro) 🐦
  13. Vodka Lara

    So what brought everyone to Orbital?

    this ^
  14. Vodka Lara


    same way you ride a dolphin
  15. Vodka Lara

    ACCEPTED Aragon Darkwood's Trusted Application

    +1 Is a great builder and can somehow summon a black hole to evaporate any competing gun business. 10/10
  16. Vodka Lara

    The big birds.

    +1 birb
  17. Vodka Lara

    SALE Selling ak47 Damiyos Revenge

    10k 🦜
  18. Vodka Lara

    ACCEPTED Mersman's Commissioner Application!

    +1 Not Inactive, Doesn't not know the rules, no reason to give a -1. You also play police most of the time which is pretty neat
  19. Vodka Lara

    Ideas to get people to build somewhere that isn't mainstreet?

    There'll always be a main street where people congregate, there's no stopping it unfortunately