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  1. Mr Osama

    seagulls staff app

    -1 I'm still not confident with you being staff just because of how immature you are, you still consistently whine about not having it and joking about it which I just cannot see as a good trait in a staff member. Whilst you might help others in game I've seen multiple instances of shady shit...
  2. Mr Osama

    its my birthday

    happy birthday
  3. Mr Osama

    this thread is for pharam

    My whole internet connection just died trying to load this turkey
  4. Mr Osama

    Logan Bods Trusted Application

    -1 I've seen you around before and whilst you're an okay player, you literally just came back and there's been a huge flux of new players since then, and they just don't know who you are. Trusted members are usually considered to be active players and people we know interact in the community on...
  5. Mr Osama

    Tony Bigcoc is back

  6. Mr Osama

    DENIED Dr Smith application for trusted role

    -1 As I'm writing this you've been warned whilst your application is up, showing you show little to no understanding of the rules. Make sure in the future you know what you're doing so you don't receive these punishments, remember you can always ask a staff member for help ingame using "@"
  7. Mr Osama

    ACCEPTED PD Commissioner Application

    +1 Your application contains almost any information as to why we should consider you for Commissioner, I suggest to take a look at some previous applications that have been accepted so you can see what type of effort we like to see put into these applications. I see you've been active in game...
  8. Mr Osama

    this thread is for pharam

  9. Mr Osama

    ACCEPTED Ducker's trusted app

    +1 I am alot happier with the effort of your application and I believe you are a great pillar of the community, you are consistently active and have a good general understanding of the rules Good luck - Osama
  10. Mr Osama

    soft drink ranking

    Pepsi tastes like literal shit Coke is the best
  11. Mr Osama


    chilli con carne
  12. Mr Osama

    Piracy is bad

    AGREE I TOTALLY HAVE NEVER PIRATED ANYTING IN MY LIFE (lmk if you guys want some of the juicy stuff on my personal hard drive) (I just realized that could be taken heavily in the wrong way)
  13. Mr Osama

    DENIED Cozzah's Staff Application

    -1 Only reason why I am -1ing this application is just because you're only really on when no on else is, I do see you quite often however just because of the fact you're literally the only player on when I see you just doesn't give me enough confidence. You also have barely any forum activity...
  14. Mr Osama

    My favorite cookies recipe

    ill deadass try this out and send a pic (could I have instructions)
  15. Mr Osama

    DENIED Steve Little's Trusted application.

    -1 Being a trusted member requires you to be well-known, well-behaved, and an active member of the community, you have proven none of these qualities. Interact in the game, the forums and in the discord so people know you more. Avoid getting any warns, remember that you're able to ask the...
  16. Mr Osama

    DENIED 12hr Voice BL Racial Remarks Appeal

    The rules clearly state that racism is not tolerated. Regardless of your intent, the second you join the server you are greeted with the rules, and you are expected to read and abide by them. Please make sure that in the future that you are to keep a filter as there will be no leverage or...
  17. Mr Osama

    DENIED seagulls staff app

    -1 Oh boy, I'd like to say this really took genuine time to think whether I wanted to +1 you or not, however, I hope you understand my final verdict after reading. I really do think you're a decent lad, I've had many many interactions with you that have overall been very nice, you're a...
  18. Mr Osama

    ACCEPTED Mirt's trusted application

    +1 You're a funny guy to be around and overall I haven't had any issues with you, I believe you're very deserving of a +1 and would be a very trustworthy candidate. Whilst Shant has said you going for staff straight away may be a negative thing, I really do like the enthusiasm and overall think...
  19. Mr Osama

    DENIED Nick's Staff Application

    -1 I've made my opinion very clear to others about you and I will here as well, as someone who has been apart of the degenerate community of cheating in video games which a lot of people know, one thing that's safe to say is that once you cheat in a game, its hard to go back from cheating in...