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  1. Tony Bigcoc

    RP Names

    There is no roleplay my mother named me this at birth
  2. Tony Bigcoc

    its my birthday

    Happy burfday Fetus
  3. Tony Bigcoc

    Tony Bigcoc is back

  4. Tony Bigcoc

    Tony Bigcoc is back

    I agree
  5. Tony Bigcoc

    Tony Bigcoc is back

    And is bigger and better than ever (;This was a win from season 2
  6. Tony Bigcoc

    How many of you used to play on supremacy network

    Greatest server ever (second to only orbital) , but if your name is lucky giddy I will never forget how much I hate you
  7. Tony Bigcoc

    who is this fucking guy

    I don’t but he
  8. Tony Bigcoc

    ACCEPTED Fable Sinclair's Trusted Application

    You’re somewhat active among the community, you have decent playtime with minimal warns along with a good reason to want trusted in being to help new or senior players with things they might now know, so if there were boxes to tick ✅ you would have the required amount for this opportunity. +1...
  9. Tony Bigcoc

    Tony Bigcoc has arrived home and is ready to out staff everyone

    I hope you all get on the same buss and get driven off a cliff………except joe, joe has a chance at being a world renowned soccer player
  10. Tony Bigcoc

    why TerrA is better than gladys

    Fuckers got me hungry
  11. Tony Bigcoc

    DENIED SHADDO's Trusted Application

    I believe you're a positive and active member of the community and I do believe you can be trusted, I see you online nearly everyday and you're always kind to everyone but you need to improve discord, fourms activity. +1, Your favorite staff member Tony
  12. Tony Bigcoc

    DENIED ivett roberta Trusted Application

    Taking one look at your application and I can already see something that has given me the need to -1 Your warn history consists with four RDM/ARDM warns telling me that along with your low game time you haven’t read the rules over or just don’t care enough to do that
  13. Tony Bigcoc

    DENIED TrippE's Trusted App

    -1 Hey bro, I understand that you have a good relationship with most of the server and community and 8 weeks game time, but due to you only recently being unbanned due to some pretty serious things I don’t believe I can +1 you yet