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  1. the cock johnson

    DENIED Steve Little's Trusted application.

    DENIED Due to you having an active warn and lack of play time you need 2 days minimum You may apply again in one week.
  2. the cock johnson

    ACCEPTED Mirt's trusted application

    ACCEPTED! Congratulations on achieving trusted! Message one of the following to receive your in-game and discord rank! Mersman: mersman#8224 the cock johnson: jbenzo24#9706 In order to receive your forum rank message; Garry Newman: MrScammerMan#7118
  3. the cock johnson

    DENIED GolTAW's Re-Staff Application V2

    -1 the reason i am giving you this is because i just don't think you are fit to be a staff member and i have not seen you on the sever at all in the last few weeks and i know you have apologize but still dose not muck up for what happened sorry man.
  4. the cock johnson

    DENIED (Warn) Appeal for NLR

    DENIED As Fetus has shown in his response, you died at 3:53am AEDT then you returned to the same location at 3:57am AEDT. This has shown that you failed to wait the 5 minutes you are supposed to. In your response you said you had waited the 5 minutes, since you didn't you broke the rule of NLR...
  5. the cock johnson

    DENIED Joe Banks Staff Application

    -1 This is your first post on the forums and the only time I really see you on the sever is when you make a sit. So try and make your community presents better on the sever and forums.
  6. the cock johnson


    hey man
  7. the cock johnson

    DENIED John Coskey's ban appeal

    DENIED You openly said your text size was not the required size to begin with. The guy you stabbed you allowed him into your base you cannot just kill him because you have a KOS sign up. you would have to warn him with a / yell. You do not provide evidence to support your side of the story for...
  8. the cock johnson

    ACCEPTED Fetus Milkshake's Staff Application

    +1 hey man i have seen you on the sever a lot you are on every time i am your know the rules very well and i never seem to have any problems with you and you seam like a pretty chill dude and with you playing pd it will help with pd sites good luck my guy
  9. the cock johnson

    ACCEPTED Derk's trusted application

    +1 i have seen derk of the sever quite a lot and i have never had any problems with him and his low warns show he know the rules quite well. good luck man
  10. the cock johnson


  11. the cock johnson

    DENIED Seagulls Staff application.

    -1 hey man the reason i am giving you this is because every time i seem to run into you, you are always minging and i don't feel like you are suitable for staff and need to work on your community presence
  12. the cock johnson

    this is my new home now

    hey man what up
  13. the cock johnson

    DENIED trusted application

    -1 hey man your app is very poor and lacks info you have also been warned yesterday for RDM so you will have to re apply
  14. the cock johnson

    How many of yall vape?

    na i dont
  15. the cock johnson

    ACCEPTED ZomZie's Staff Application

    +1 i have seen your around a lot and in roleplay situations you are quit easy to get along with, very active on the sever to and you no the rules quit well. your app is very well written as well. good luck
  16. the cock johnson

    DENIED Assassin spy's staff app

    -1 hey man i have seen you around a bit more then normal but i haven't had a lot of time to get to know you and it would be good to see bit more forum activity i recommend you go out and get more well know and get your forum activity up .
  17. the cock johnson

    DENIED seagulls trusted app

    -1 i am giving you this because every time i seem to run in to you you are all ways being a minging and just last month i gave u a MRDM and RDM in sit warn so i do not believe you are ready for trusted
  18. the cock johnson

    DENIED Donald Trumps cousin's Trusted application

    - 1 hey man i have not seen you in game at all or even seen you in a sit. try and get more well know in the community and you need to be more active on the forums.