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  1. Ruby Bartosh

    DENIED bom trusted app cuzzy bear

    -1 Unfortunately mate l Don`t really know who you are as well as the fact that only 1 day of playtime with several warns from last year says that you really have no been active for a while now, also that your app could included much more detail that could show what your going to achieve as...
  2. Ruby Bartosh

    Joe Banks Staff Application

    -1 Starting of I Don`t see you with the game, or within discord as well showing me that your not that active but your application could do with some huge improvement from just more detail on the simple stuff, honestly man just try to be more active within the community and create a good title...
  3. Ruby Bartosh

    ACCEPTED Andrew Vape's Commander Application

    +1 Andrew Vape is a perfect fit for Commander as because first stunning commander App and the fact the Detail that you have but within this App is truly stunning mate and that you work perfect as a team and that is required with the command team, and also you are highly active within discord...
  4. Ruby Bartosh

    this is my new home now

    Your home Sucks man
  5. Ruby Bartosh


  6. Ruby Bartosh

    ACCEPTED Derk's trusted application

    +1 l have seen you playing the sever recently and you seem the kind of person to be friendly and not really hostile and aggressive even but in the side hand you seem by myself deserving of trusted and what it brings you any ways have a good time mate
  7. Ruby Bartosh

    Bank heist range

    With bank raids there are so many spots were you can have an advantage with raiding The bank and it wouldnt be good if you could stand just past second doorways and destroy any cops that come in
  8. Ruby Bartosh


    Love seagulls they eat all the chips l give them and fight for the last one
  9. Ruby Bartosh

    Add the splicer back

    So the splicer won’t be added unfortunately but the spillover doesn’t do anything their way and you can still make shit tons of money from glorified Gardner
  10. Ruby Bartosh

    Pro Thief

    Yeah as cowboy said faster picklock and also a keypad cracker
  11. Ruby Bartosh

    ACCEPTED Fetus Milkshake's DT-Co AND Commissioner application

    +1 Mate l see you every now and then playing detective and securing some arrest and playing brilliantly as a Detective, Your barely have many warns with almost 2 weeks of playtime show you know how to follow the rules and guidelines of being apart of PD, and l do view you as a perfect fit for...
  12. Ruby Bartosh

    Add the coinflip addon back that was on the server quite a while back

    Honestly no addon required the development of orbital so good able to create the own coin flip, also this isnt a bad idea just something else to do on the sever
  13. Ruby Bartosh

    Change the meth cook player model to water white and jese pinkman

    this is acceptable, and a great idea but just what to with the old model know
  14. Ruby Bartosh

    Bigger meth pros and cons

    this is good l love to see people try to run from police but unable to +1
  15. Ruby Bartosh

    what's the slowest way to move in Gmod?

    so what you do is hold alt and crouch then try to walk and there you go so as a snail
  16. Ruby Bartosh

    do you guys like corn?

    Love Corn the inside in nice and crunchy and rats there ok but l like to go with more salt next time
  17. Ruby Bartosh

    DENIED spog's ban appeal

    Hello spog So after looking at deep storage logs it shows me that combat started between you and fetus milkshake then you ran away as you said then 2 minutes later its shows that you return where another combat logs had begun where you died honestly l believe that l am missing some information...
  18. Ruby Bartosh

    ACCEPTED James Simos' Staff Application

    1+ Honestly l have only started knowing you recently but you seem like you understand the rules also that you have no warns with a week of time on the sever shows your dedication to there sever without breaking any rules, your application is extremely detailed and says that you really took your...
  19. Ruby Bartosh

    ACCEPTED GolTAW's Amazing Staff Application.

    +1l don't read what l type To begin with l am a dumbass, and you are a king 👑, I have started seeing you around more often showing that you really are hopefully ingoing the sever, for almost having a week and a half on the sever with ZERO warns is a mimical( l don't know what this word is) to...
  20. Ruby Bartosh

    DENIED DJ's Staff Application

    +1 l hope so HELLO Staring off is that your warns they a terrible just kidding, for having all most a week of playtime on the sever and only having one warn truly shows that you understand the rules and you are not a dumbass, hopefully the app perfectly reflects how you will perform as a staff...