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  1. Delsi Cuntigen

    When do you all plan to quit?

    weeks of playtime and only 3
  2. Delsi Cuntigen

    Favourite TV Show/Series

    +The Boys
  3. Delsi Cuntigen

    When do you all plan to quit?

    Month ban is recoverable but I know I’ll get a perma sooner or later for doing something stupid
  4. Delsi Cuntigen

    ACCEPTED Mason Evergreen - Trusted Application

    +1! The main way i can describe Mason is "sweet" he is so fucking friendly and nice i love him. hes made a presence on the forums to an extent, he plays everyday, hes friendly, he follows rules. theres no reason he shouldnt be trusted everyone loves him.❤️❤️❤️
  5. Delsi Cuntigen

    dream car

    i want some tesla like shit so i can watch hentai whilst driving on my built in car ipad
  6. Delsi Cuntigen

    When do you all plan to quit?

    when i get banned
  7. Delsi Cuntigen

    Favourite TV Show/Series

  8. Delsi Cuntigen

    Why i deleted my staff app you fools

    kiss me
  9. Delsi Cuntigen

    DENIED Rhon Dishon Staff app

    -1 Rhon I like you but what even is this? your application has no effort at all and your status among the community would give you no chance you'd land a staff role. is this even a serious application? BUT i think one day it could happen your an awesome guy.
  10. Delsi Cuntigen

    ACCEPTED Johnno Trusted Application

    +1 Johnno is one of the most friendly player I’ve met on orbital, he took me in as a miner and was friendly for the whole 2 hours I spent with him. His application is quite good and he has a great playtime to warn ratio awesome guy.
  11. Delsi Cuntigen

    ACCEPTED homer floppykock's Staff Application

    +1 I can definitely see homer fitting into the staff team, homer can be very funny but when the time is needed he can switch into a more serious tone. Homer is a great guy and I personally trust him with a staff role.
  12. Delsi Cuntigen

    KFC or Red Rooster

    red rooster
  13. Delsi Cuntigen

    DENIED gilberts staff app

    -1 Gilbert I think your a sick cunt but I really don’t see you being a staff member yet atleast. You do indeed have a pretty good ass app, but the MRDM is a turnoff for me and I don’t think you’re well known and trusted enough to be a staff member I’m sorry.
  14. Delsi Cuntigen

    DENIED Suspects trusted application

    -1 I don’t know if I’ve ever met you and you didn’t even try with the app man I know it’s hard but cmon. Repeat offender MRDM hell no.
  15. Delsi Cuntigen

    ACCEPTED GazzaMATE29's Staff application

    +1 Gazza is an awesome guy, he’s super friendly and seems like the perfect man for staff. Your application is excellent and I love you.
  16. Delsi Cuntigen

    Hello from pharam

  17. Delsi Cuntigen

    Potentially adding Coke Manufacturer in (back?)

    we need more cool jobs like this
  18. Delsi Cuntigen

    All good things must come to an end

  19. Delsi Cuntigen

    Your Name

    Delsi was the first name the game assigned me (cant even remember the last name). people got to know me as Delsi so i kept the first name and changed the last name to Cuntigen cause funny