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  1. Gretta Cumburg

    Think You're Funny Aye?

    Give me your most :eek:Extreme:eek:, :devilish:Dark:devilish:, ;)Wholesome;), :DHilarious:D, :sick:Disgusting:sick:, :censored:Unfunny:censored:, :geek:Weird:geek:, :cool:Stupid:cool:, Fucked up Joke. Ill start, Don't Read this if you are like 10 idk
  2. Gretta Cumburg

    The Real Stats

    Did a bit of homework to find the real average money and stuff CURRENTLY Total Money $4,491,127,002 Average per person $311,646 Total Players 14413 NEW STATS (ROOTS REMOVED) Total Money $783,797,193 Average per person $54,403 Total Players (Excluding roots) 14407 Just a...
  3. Gretta Cumburg

    No.1 Staff App EVER

    HOW WAS HE NOT ACCEPTED?!?! HOW!? Check it out yourself
  4. Gretta Cumburg

    SALE Cheeky A1 Dark Matter Galil

    don't want it will sell for pretty cheap Free ship of galils if you buy May chuck a free dupe as-well
  5. Gretta Cumburg

    Please Explain

    Please someone who has spent their entire sitting in their base in the corner of industrial making weed, meth or mining, explain WHY? What enjoyment do you get from it? What do you do with the money? Do you have a disability? How in any way is that enjoyable? I am curious. I would...
  6. Gretta Cumburg


    Literally reply to this post with ANY IDEA, and I will do my best to make it in GMOD (only a small compensation fee of $151271) JK
  7. Gretta Cumburg


    What category does this suggestion apply to? (Discord, Forums, Other): Addons - Buff Moonshine Details/Information about your suggestion: If you CBA reading everything here are the key points - weed is better than moonshine, for less work (as-well as mining) - I don't mean to return it...
  8. Gretta Cumburg

    My Apology To You

    I realise that the actions of my previous post labelled, "You Just Can't Compete," resulted in major damage to the Moonshine Business. Here is my apology : Thank you for your Time Keenu I'm going to do things to your mother if you don't start acting accordingly
  9. Gretta Cumburg

    ACCEPTED Gretta's Trusted Application

    Prerequisites You must be familiar with all of our rules. ✔ You must be well known within our community. ✔ You must have 2 days of playtime before applying. ✔ Template Steam Community Link: SteamID: STEAM_0:1:90488442...
  10. Gretta Cumburg

    I'm Afraid You Just Cant Compete.

    If I don't get a butterfly knife I'm gonna ddos the server
  11. Gretta Cumburg

    A Fallen Hero

  12. Gretta Cumburg

    I build things for in game $$$

    Pay me to build you things, thanks. Here's some stuff I made.....
  13. Gretta Cumburg

    Need some good ideas

    Anybody have any ideas of builds, pixel art, base designs, pretty much anything, that they wanna see, or think would look cool. I've made quite a few different things like; Bikini Bottom, Adventure Time treehouse, Ice Kingdom, Rick and Morty's spaceship, a bunch of gun shops, arcade shooting...