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  1. Darth Picwahser

    ACCEPTED Don Cheadle's Staff application

    +1 I have seen you many times in-game and all I have to say is that you are a mature and wonderful player. You have shown dedication through the amount of description you have used for each question.
  2. Darth Picwahser

    Mexi Is Retiring

  3. Darth Picwahser

    raid key

  4. Darth Picwahser

    Introduction Of John Dawson

    Hey im Darth Picwahser I joined during the prime time of Supremacy and saw the downfall of the server. I then saw the rising dominance of iconic and then the downfall of iconic. I wonder what orbital may bring.
  5. Darth Picwahser

    Weed Splicing?

    damn keenu needs to up his game with this.
  6. Darth Picwahser

    Sergeant -AR-Lonesniper

    I'd love a farming job/food vendor
  7. Darth Picwahser

    Auto printers

    I don't think it would work with the new printer style
  8. Darth Picwahser

    auto printers would be nice

    missing the good old days - afk and printer grind.
  9. Darth Picwahser

    Introduction to Fred "Ya Boy" Yackles

    the pfp is vibe
  10. Darth Picwahser

    Hey, I made it here

    G'day. Im Darth Picwahser. I've been playing gmod for around 5 years now, I have been playing gmod darkrp since 2019 (supremacy)
  11. Darth Picwahser

    DENIED -AR-Lonesnipers Trusted Application

    +1 Knows the rules quite well. Friendly, helpful, and experienced player. No warnings or bans.
  12. Darth Picwahser

    DENIED Sleuths Trusted Application

    -1 Not following template.
  13. Darth Picwahser

    Introductions and leavings?

    +1 This would definitely make the discussion less clogged.
  14. Darth Picwahser

    Disguises cause sits and confusion within new players

    -1 Defeats the purpose of an assassin.
  15. Darth Picwahser

    samurai art #2

    His face makes him look like a villain. You are an amazing artist, you should sell some of these.
  16. Darth Picwahser

    when hotrod reads the whole bee movie script

    You have an amazing PC that runs on 144pHD. Must have costed alot.
  17. Darth Picwahser

    ACCEPTED Vodka Lara's Trusted Application

    +1 You are a friendly, experienced, and helpful player when it comes to asking questions. you have 2d on the server which is great. You have shown through your one warn of MRDMx1000 that you are long overdue for applying for trusted.
  18. Darth Picwahser

    ACCEPTED assassins new trusted

    +1 Seen you around many times. you have come across as a kind and helpful person. You have 5 days on the server and no warnings which are amazing and not many can accomplish.
  19. Darth Picwahser

    IMPLEMENTED Remove rule "Nightclub Manager can only build in club"

    +1 WIll allow players to build in Mainstreet which will attract more players.