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    ACCEPTED Unboltedglobe's Staff Application

    Questions Steam Community Link: SteamID: STEAM_0:1:423487431 Discord User#: Age: 14 but i have permission from Pedro to apply Country/Time Zone: AEST Do you have a working Microphone?: yes I do I just only use it for important...
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    ACCEPTED Jackson's Trusted App

    +1 he is active on forums with 19 messages he is active in game with over 4 days playtime and 0 warns nice guy all round he tryed to warn me about my blackjack machine being shit turns out it was shit i lost a shit ton of cash because of it :( all the best with your app ,unboltedglobe :>
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    ACCEPTED Optizords Commander Application

    +1 I have been waiting a long time for this app and it is finally here. The app itself could use some work but you as a person are a great 2ic and very active in PD I think you would be a great commander all the best with your app , Unboltedglobe
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    ACCEPTED Rob Kelly's Commisioner Application

    +1 you have proven your self in being a 2ic and helping PD as a hard working and reliable person it would be great to see you in the role of comm all the best with your app ,unboltedglobe
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    ACCEPTED Ivan's staff application

    +1 super active player NO WARNS WITH OVER 2 WEEKS PLAYTIME really chill dude and great in PD it would be sick to see you as a staff member Ivan Good Luck ,Unboltedglobe
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    What are your thoughts on the new cases?

    New cases is sick I always wanted a vape but not going to spend 5 mil on an orb case just to get a shit revolver
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    How many warns/bans do you have?

    none I am just built different
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    ACCEPTED My Trusted Application

    +1 only 1 warn with a week playtime is very good and it was about 3 months ago as well you are quite active ingame and on forums Good luck with your app! all the best ,Unboltedglobe
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    What's the most fun/enjoyable role?

    Swat Medic
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    doin the lords work

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    ACCEPTED Doc's Official Staff Application

    +1 Your work as commander has been great for the short time you have had it Over a week playtime with only one warn Is great you have lots of experience in staffing so I believe you can do great in a staffing role Staff would be a great role for You Best of luck! , Unboltedglobe
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    make knife auto equip option

    this would make life easier do this plssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
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    ACCEPTED "PressedCharges" 4th Trusted application.

    +1 pressed charges is always online and interacting with people being a friendly guy only two warns with over a week playtime is beyond great really cool guy all round sorry for murdering you when I was a rat xoxo all the best with the app! ,Unboltedglobe
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    REVIEWED Applying for trusted

    you apply here make sure to follow the format