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    Ethernet or Wifi? What do you people use?

    this is pretty much my wifi
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    maccas or kfc go on

    kfc cause I'm allergic to red meat
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    No.1 Staff App EVER

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    how much do you miss me out of 1-10

    everyone pay for my wifi or else
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    how much do you miss me out of 1-10

    i want to play more but my wifi -1 rep me and I have been exterminated by the Australian government
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    man's got them moooves
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    ACCEPTED Dexters Trusted Application

    huge +1 you are the most helpful and friendly person and you are always willing to lend a hand, and you are extremely active. a true icon of the server
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    SALE For Sale [650k] America Vape

    you have defo made atleast 650 k from my blackjack cmon now have some pity
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    SALE For Sale [650k] America Vape

    surely for the amount of money you've won off me i can have it for free
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    DENIED Immortal Terror's 2nd Trusted Application

    Hey mate, I haven't seen you on the server much in the past but I have noticed that you are very active recently. On-top of that you are very friendly and I enjoy playing with you, and you seem to know your stuff concerning rules. +1
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    What's your wifi like?

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    Suggestion: Changes to Increase Forum Activity

    +1 I think instead of cash rewards, like Tuppy said, giveaways would be a more practical method of rewarding as I imagine it would be pretty difficult to implement something like that. However I pretty much agree with everything else you state in this. Very well done as always Dexter, love your...
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    DENIED ThyKing's 3rd trusted app

    Hey mate, I don't have anything against you personally, but I've rarely had an interaction with you that didn't involve you accusing me over and over again of breaking some rule, or being overall annoying and not RP'ing properly (besides from cop, you are very good at that.) Also, I haven't seen...
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    What's your wifi like?

    So the general vibe I'm getting is that me and like 2 other people are just huge suckers