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    Lachies Minecraft Staff Application :)

    Discord User#: LxJ ツ#0007 Minecraft User#: LxJx Age: 15 Country/Time Zone: Aus | QLD (GMT+10) Do you have any previous or current staff experience? (Provide examples): Ido have previous staffing experiences such as on the Orbital DarkRP server that I was staff for a couple of months and...
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    DENIED Staff report

    Your in game name: Lachie Jeff Time of incident: Around 10:30 Staff member(s) you are reporting: bing bong BUNNED Details of the incident: abuse of power idk Any evidence (If Any): the guy who got banned and his friend group I was running around the map just having a good old time, then a group...
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    roast me

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    How many warns/bans do you have?

    w you're funny
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    DENIED ThyKing's 3rd trusted app

    +1 since its your 3rd app i truly believe you should be given the chance at trusted. As well as you are a really nice guy and just a trustworthy person. Good luck brother!
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    How many warns/bans do you have?

    I had 1 warning for being a cunt but it got removed ;) ;) ;)
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    ACCEPTED Mythic's trusted app

    +1 I have always seen you on the server rp'ing and your 2 weeks playtime on the server shows you really care about it. Your 0 warnings shows great trusted material and shows you are very dedicated to the server. You seem to know the rules very well and you're an extremely active member. I hope...
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    ACCEPTED "PressedCharges" 4th Trusted application.

    +1 Since your previous trusted applications you have improved your behaviour and I've seen you a lot recently. You are very fun to RP with and i believe you will succeed in this Trusted app. Best of luck buddy.
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    My KOS zone is legal.

    I sure will ;)
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    ACCEPTED Rob Kellys Trusted Application

    Rob, You are a really nice person and really good at RP'ing. Your playtime shows you care about the server, You have shown good detail on your application showing you want trusted. I've had many encounters with you are always in a good mood. I'm gladly going to +1 your Trusted Application :D
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    ayo what that dog doin

    Why da dog doing? How da dog doing? ;(
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    ACCEPTED Joe Pesci/Frothyz4Dayz Trusted Application

    Joe, You have been very active on the forums and in game and that's really good thing to become a trusted member. You are very nice person and I feel a trustworthy player. I'm going to have to +1 your trusted application.