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    Permission to ban anyone in Augusto’s group

    Man why you guys bagging on Rice and Co for? Just coz your little shit groups die after a weekend, doesn’t make us a cancer of the server. In fact we were the ones Keeping the server alive most days, making up a third of the player base online.
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    LollyGaggers Re-Re-Application

    No contest; Massive +1, excellent veteran member of staff, knows his stuff and is really well known. Just make sure you get your activity back up in the meantime. xoxo
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    PENDING Sinister's Staff App

    -1 Hello Sinister. Everything I'm about to say has probably been said, but I don't think you have earned this spot yet. Now don't hate me yet; You have Heaps of experience from Iconic, you have people vouching for you being a top bloke, and you help people out by shouting them some credits...
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    PENDING Blue snow staff app

    Absolutely Huge +1. Blue is very active within the community. Even though he is young he is also surprisingly mature. You do have a few warns, but most of them are pretty old, which proves your commitment to the community. You'd make good staff member, and you'll fit right in with the rest of...
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    DENIED Lels Staff App

    +1 I feel very obliged to -1 you, due to us being from warring tribal villages, however, you are such a genuine and respectful guy, this is an easy choice. (Also, having 2 Lebanese people in the staff team would definitely be very funny). Good luck bro!
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    ACCEPTED Blue snows trusted app

    +1 Hell yeah man, see you on so much, you play a whole bunch of different roles, and you are very active within PD aswell. You help people out and you are a genuinely nice guy. Good luck!
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    DENIED SOFTyys trusted app ;)

    +1 Hello! I have known you for a long time now, and play with you heaps. You're really chill and you care about people's experience on the server. You'd make a really good trusted member, good luck!
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    REVIEWED Staff Incident Report

    You are an ex-commissioner, the fact you do not understand this is terrifying, as this is not any new or revolutionary rule. Due to this I no longer wish to discuss with you, I will now await a response from my supervisors.
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    REVIEWED Staff Incident Report

    I mistakenly stated you were receiving a ban, due to me not being able read giant orange words, I apoligsed then, and I apologise again now. I did immediately corrected myself.
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    REVIEWED Staff Incident Report

    Unless I am mistaken, I am 100% certain, the Rehab clinic is downstairs in the courtroom, He was not in any area near the courtroom. Also, he was in no area to be escorted to the rehab, as he either came from outside the PD or the jail cells, so this doesn't make sense. And also, he stated he...
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    REVIEWED Staff Incident Report

    Hello Roberto, thank you for making this, as it allows me to clear my name (hopefully). Now I don't think I was recording, which is unusual for me, but the incident you didn't see unplayed as follows: I walk into the PD, the door at the top of the stairs is unlocked, I walk in and see a hitman...
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    ACCEPTED MonkeyPlays17 Application

    +1 I see you around a lot and you're a pretty chill guy whenever I see ya. Good luck!
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    DENIED tukae mute appeal

    Hello. We do not appreciate those sort of remarks on this server. You were muted after I had spoken with a root about it.
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    DENIED Obama Obama's Commander App

    Denied Due to mixed community and command feedback, your application has been denied. Please increase your presence in the PD and try and retouch up on the rules as well. Reapply In 2 Weeks
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    ACCEPTED Wilhelm Von Zuen Commander App

    Pending This application has passed HC approval and will be moved to Pending for GHC Approval (Idk how to actually do that, maybe I should be taught? hmmm)