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    LollyGaggers Re-Re-Application

    +1 i hope to see you back on the team you were such an amazing staff member and i can't wait to see you around
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    ThyKing's Staff App

    -1 i honestly don't know what pinto is on because thyking is very immature i have seen how he acts as a commissioner and how he treats his fellow officers and it is honestly sickening i would hate to have him on the staff team as i don't see how he brings anything positive to the team plus he...
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    Warzone Or Apex Legends?

    it's all about fortnite bro
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    Maccas or KFC

    this question has been asked before it was a couple of months ago though and there was only 1 person who said Maccas, he is now banned
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    DENIED SHADDO's Application for rank: Trusted

    -1 got a warn 5 days ago
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    DENIED Coren's Trusted app

    -1 you got a ban 2 days ago
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    [Forum Tutorial] Semi in depth guide to creating a good trusted application

    doesn't even have the trusted role XD
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    What’s your favourite game?

    my fav rn has to be blade and sorcery
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    New Years Event Announcement

    ok what if i donate my knife and all my skins?
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    New Years Event Announcement

    bro i have some really nice skins
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    New Years Event Announcement

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    New Years Event Announcement

    if i donated all of my skins would i take over small timmys position as #1?
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    ACCEPTED Ryan Moon's Trusted App.

    -1 not very active within the forums and is not even in the discord i am certain you are a great person in game however outside of the game you have 0 presence with only 4 messages on the forums and your not even in the discord
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    WHAT DID U COP?? 🎁🎁

    only 6 months i got a couple years worth of deodorant
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    Be reborn into the past or the future?

    i would want to be born in the future the past is full of fucked up shit like ww2 and diseases what we do not have a cure for at that time